Halo 4 is Microsoft Studios’ Top Selling Game in the U.S.

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If you are one of the Halo purists that feels like the shift from Bungie to 343 Industries was all fine and good, but that the original trilogy should have been a stopping point, well, it looks like your pleas were always going to fall upon deaf ears, but especially now. Halo 4 was the first title from 343 Industries to take the reins over the heroic Master Chief’s tale, in what would be the beginning of a whole new epic Master chief story that will apparently span as many games as people are willing to buy.

Well, apparently Halo 4 has outsold all of the previous games in the Halo franchise as well as anything released by Microsoft Studios, ever. According to Microsoft that is just for the launch year, not of all time, because Halo 3 has still sold a lot of copies. Halo 4 has quite a bit of time to catch up to that, though. So it looks like 343 Industries will still have a job creating future Master Chief titles for quite a while, which should make fans of Halo and Halo 4 quite happy.