State of Decay’s Multiplayer and Co-Op Modes Not Happening

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There are a lot of fans of the zombie apocalypse waiting with baited breath for State of Decay’s often-rumored, never quite confirmed multiplayer and co-op modes to be delivered, and a lot of those fans are going to be kind of disappointed right now. I’m not quite sure where the groupthink of there being multiplayer being added on and a promised thing came from, but from everything that I’ve read, State of Decay is kind of like a demo for Undead Labs’ next project, which will build off of everything that State of Decay has, but make it a multiplayer experience.

Undead Labs went ahead and confirmed today that there will be no multiplayer or co-operative update for State of Decay. Jeff Strain of Undead Labs spoke with IGN about it, saying that it would take them redesigning some core architecture for the game to implement those features, which they just don’t see as a simple add-on to the game, but will be a perfect fit for a future game.