The Walking Dead: 400 Days Achievements Revealed

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is now available in North America. The DLC follows the story of the first The Walking Dead: The Game developed by Telltale, bringing yet another zombie filled story on our gaming devices.

With the DLC now out, the achievement list for the Xbox 360 version of the game have been revealed: if you don’t like getting spoiled you probably don’t want to read more, so stop reading now. Everyone else, here are the achievements for the game:

  • Chain Gang: Completed Vince’s Chapter (10G)
  • Abandoner: Completed Wyatt’s Chapter (10G)
  • Friends Like These: Completed Russell’s Chapter (10G)
  • Who Goes There?: Completed Bonnie’s Chapter (10G)
  • Paradise Lost: Completed Shel’s Chapter (10G)
  • Loose Ends: Completed the Epilogue (25G)
  • Two out of Three: Won a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (15G)
  • Reunited: Found an old friend. (10G)

Playing and completing The Walking Dead: Season One before playing 400 Days is not required at all: At the same time the developer suggests that playing and completing the first season will make 400 Days more enjoyable since all the choices made in Season One will be carrying over, significantly changing the story of the DLC expansion.

400 Days will feature five different characters each with their own story: players will be able to play through these five stories in any order. The game will take place within vicinity of the Georgia highway, chronicling the first 400 days after the outbreak.

You can check out the launch trailer and learn more about the DLC release dates by going here.