Chaos Rings Coming On PsVita Through PS Mobile

Chaos Rings, the Square Enix published mobile role-playing game, will be released on PsVita in the near future, as revealed by the latest issue of Famitsu. Square Enix is porting the Media Vision developed game to Playstation Mobile: the PsVita version will not be a simple port but it will get optimized for Sony’s handheld console.

Chaos Rings is a dungeon crawler game where navigation and battles are done with a two persons party that is chosen before the game starts. The game’s battle system is a standard menu controlled turn based system: the battle system has a unique feature called pair system which will allow players to make the pair fight as a single unit. The special Break feature will allow players to obtain improved attacks once the break gauge is in their favor: the gauge is influences by a lot of different actions done by both the party and the enemies.

The game’s story features eight different characters as they train inside the Ark Arena to defeat a being known as the Qualia before it destroys every time space. Inside the Arena pairs from different eras and worlds converge for this single purpose.

Chaos Rings will be available on PsMobile later this month in Japan: no news on possible North American and European releases.

Source: VG247