NPD is Finally Going to Start Tracking Digital Sales

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Digital sales feel like the final frontier for gaming right about now. It is this new, kind of cool thing that we’ve been taking advantage of for a while now, but many within the game industry are not sure of how to really deal with it or gauge it. Understandably so, too, as we get detailed sales information all of the time on physical retail copies of games, but stuff like that simply doesn’t exist for digital sales at all. Publishers find out how well their own games sell, but it is hard to compete with other companies without knowing what they are actually doing, isn’t it? The NPD tends to agree with this.

The NPD has been where game publishers and industry insiders turn for detailed sales information, which until now has been pretty simple. The advent of digital sales has really turned things around, though, as it is hard to see how well a competitor’s game or a game similar to one being released is doing without seeing the digital sales as well. The NPD is finally taking some big steps to get more transparency involved in the world of digital sales, with nine publishers already onboard to share their sales information with the NPD to create a better, more transparent world of digital sales.