The Walking Dead: 400 Days Launch Trailer Now Available

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a new The Walking Dead themed adventure game developed by Telltale. The game follows the events of the original The Walking Dead: The Game.

400 Days is out today on PSN in North America and Telltale has decided to celebrate the occasion with a launch trailer for the game: you can check it out by going here. 400 Days will launch tomorrow on Steam and on July 5th on XBox Live. European Playstation gamers will have to wait an extra week before being able to play the game

Playing and completing Season One before playing 400 Days is not required at all: At the same time the developer suggests that playing and completing the first season will make 400 Days more enjoyable since all the choices made in Season One will be carrying over, significantly changing the story of the DLC expansion.

400 Days will feature five different characters each with their own story: players will be able to play through these five stories in any order. The game will take place within vicinity of the Georgia highway, chronicling the first 400 days after the outbreak.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will also receive a portable release, with a PsVita bundle including the game and a 3G/Wi-Fi PsVita console becoming available soon.