One Piece Unlimited World Red New Characters Details

One Piece Unlimited World Red has been revealed a few weeks ago: the game is going to be released on Nintendo 3DS as part of the Unlimited series. Three games of the series have been released so far, with Unlimited Cruise released on Wii and later ported on 3DS.

One Piece Unlimited World Red is going to be a third person action adventure game with multiple playable characters, pretty much like the previous entries of the series. At the same time Unlimited World Red is going to be heavily influenced by the Monster Hunter series: the Straw Hat Crew will have to fight some really big monsters during the game. When not in battle, players will be able to do a lot of different side activities like cooking, catching bugs, creating items and more. The game also features a four players co-op mode.

New characters details have emerged thanks to the latest issue of the V-Jump magazine: Usopp and Chopper are going to have some specific roles during the game.

Usopp will be able to put his sniping skills to good use during the game, allowing players to defeat enemies from afar. Chopper will be the healer of the crew as usual, creating medicines that will heal the characters and bestow some special effects during play.

One Piece Unlimited World Red will be released sometime later this year in Japan. No news on possible North American and European releases are currently available.