Top Five Video Game Vampires

The nocturnal bloodsuckers of the supernatural world have made many appearances in the world of video games over the years. Here’s my list of the top five all-time best amongst them. As with all opinion pieces, bear in mind that this is solely my take on the matter, feel free to agree or disagree accordingly. Now, on to the list!



1. Vamp, Metal Gear Solid 2 And Metal Gear Solid 4.


When this guy first showed up in the opening acts of Metal Gear Solid 2, many gamers were confounded as to how they could actually kill him. Bullets, grenades, rockets, nothing seemed to do the trick; even a well-placed sniper shot to the forehead was only a temporary setback for this unliving opponent.

It wasn’t until Metal Gear Solid 4 that the secret to Vamp’s mortality was revealed, but even then he refused to go down without a fight which culminated in one of the most epic battles in the Metal Gear series. As one of the deadliest and most enigmatic foes ever to challenge gamers, Vamp is a solid entry to kick off my top 5 list.


2. Nevan, Devil May Cry 3.


Over the course of his prequel adventure into the tower of Temin Ne Gru, Devil May Cry’s Dante did battle with a whole slew of different demons, monsters, spirits, and other things that go bump in the night. One opponent however stood out from the rest: a seductive female vampire named Nevan.

In addition to being able to drain Dante’s vitality with a bite, Nevan could also disappear in a swarm of electric bats, summon large pillars of electricity, and even turn the very essence of darkness against the demon-hunting hero. Oddly enough, when the player finally managed to best Nevan, she turned into an electric guitar of all things; a weapon that could be strummed to utilize various electric attacks.


3. Rayne, BloodRayne 1 And 2.


Back when the original Xbox and Playstation 2 were still in their prime, a number of new IP’s appeared on both systems, one amongst them a unique vampire title called BloodRayne. Starring a female half-vampire with a thirst for her full-blooded kin’s…well…blood, BloodRayne was met with an overall positive reception by both gamers and critics.

Rayne’s fighting style, which utilizes a pair of lethal arm blades, is as acrobatic as it is deadly. The initial success of the first BloodRayne game, which many attribute to the overwhelming positive feedback on Rayne as a character, eventually spawned a sequel as well as several movies and comic books.


4. Seridur, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


While, admittedly, Lord Harkon from the recent Skyrim expansion Dawnguard is much more powerful and intimidating, vampires as a race are known for far more than just their prowess in battle; one such element of their mystique is their craftiness and you don’t get much more crafty than Seridur from The  Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Seridur’s plan is brilliant: instead of hiding away in some tomb like many of his ilk, he instead opts to hide in plain sight by living in a mansion right smack dab in the middle of the Imperial City! Not only that, but he also founds an order of men with the sole purpose of *hunting vampires*, after all, who’d suspect the head of an order that hunts vampires of *being* a vampire?

Sadly, Seridur’s craftiness is quickly unraveled when the player character comes along and his skills in combat, while formidable, are no match for the player’s when it comes time to go head to head.  Still, Seridur stands as a prime example of what all vampires prize almost as much as blood; the ability to remain discreet.


5. Dracula, Almost Any Castlevania Game Out There.


Of course no top list of video game vampires would be complete without the Lord Of The Night himself. With a few exceptions here and there, Dracula has been the central antagonist of almost every Castlevania game to date and his reign as one of the most memorable video game villains of all time shows no signs of stopping.

Castlevania aficionados should also remember that without Dracula there would be no Alucard; The Dark lord’s illegitimate son who has become one of Castlevania’s most popular heroes. Dracula’s origins were always a mystery until a startling reveal at the end of last year’s epic Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. But even without an origin story, Dracula stands as one of the most recognized names in video game history and the defacto ruler of popular video game vampires.


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