Soul Sacrifice New DLC Coming On July 18th

Just as it was promised, Soul Sacrifice, the exclusive PsVita third person action/role-playing game will be getting more extra contents in the near future. New DLC releases have been confirmed for both Japan and Western countries.

Starting from July 18th players will be able to download a new DLC which includes two extra battles: get ready to fight Cert, the God Of Chaos, and Romulus, the God Of Order. These two battles will definitely be a good challenge so players looking for more hard battles will only have to wait a few days.

Some days before the release of this DLC, Japanese players will also be able to fight against another new monster called the Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden was originally a normal woman who ended up giving her life force to heal a wounded knight. To give him her blood, she entered an iron maiden torture device: the knight was never healed and her spirit ended up becoming a ghost that cries tears of blood. The Iron Maiden fight will be available on July 4th in Japan and it will hit the North American and European versions of the game sometime after the Japanese release.

Soul Sacrifice is now available exclusively on PsVita in all regions.