PS4 architect explains PS3’s ‘primitive development environment’

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Mark Cerny recently gave a presentation discussing the PS4’s development process, and how they corrected the wrongs they made with the PS3.  Mark Cerny  admitted that PlayStation 3 had a “weak lineup” of titles available at launch, and explained the difficulties the hardware and software teams faced in the build-up to PS3’s release.  Cerny described the PS3’s CELL as a “Rubik’s cube,” making it difficult for developers to wrap their head around the architecture.

“This was an exciting time but it was also a scary time,” he said. “It was exciting because the technology was so new and if used properly it was so powerful. It was scary because it was hard to figure out how to do the most basic tasks on the hardware.”  Cerny likened CELL’s SPUs to “a super computer on a chip. They have high performance but to get that performance you have to master their very high complexity.”

He continued: “By this time it was already early 2005 and the hardware launch was set for holiday 2006 – less than two years away. Our focus changed from creating shared technology to trying to develop launch and launch window titles. We had to come face-to-face with a very tough fact: it was going to be quite difficult to create those titles.