Sony Will Refund All Deadpool PSN Version Buyers

Deadpool, the action game starring the Marvel Comics hilarious anti-hero, is finally available in North America. The game is available in both retail stores and digitally on the Playstation Store. Unfortunately something went wrong for the digital version of the game: Deadpool on PSN has been priced at 60$ while the game can be found pretty much everywhere for 50$.

Sony has acknowledged the price discrepancy and has decided to compensate all players who have bought the digital version of the game for 60$. A message from Sony should be coming later this week, informing players that they will receive a 10$ bonus on their PSN accounts.

Deadpool is a faithful adaption of the action found in the comic series: our anti-hero will be bringing his signature weapons into battle with the ability to combine all his different attacks and create some flashy combos. The dual guns and dual swords won’t be the only available weapons: Deadpool will be able to use hammers, laser guns and other weapons. Deadpool himself will be learning new skills as the game goes on, expanding players’ combat options. The game’s story will be over the top and, just like in the box art, Deadpool will be breaking the fourth wall many times, making the game a great experience for all the fans of the Marvel character.

Deadpool is now available in North America: the game will officially hit Europe tomorrow.