Gust Announces New PsVita RPG: Chronos Materia

A few interesting titles are already in development for the Playstation Vita portable console and more are getting announced weekly. Today it’s been revealed by the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation that Gust is working on a new PsVita role-playing game that looks really promising.

The new Gust developed game is going to be called Chronos Materia: the game takes place in a world where human civilization no longer exists and follows the adventure of a group of girls that were flown to the world.

As one may guess from the game’s name, one of the themes of Chronos Materia is going to be time. Included in the game is a special system that will allow players to change their fate and breakaway from an eternal cycle. Gust has revealed that there’s going to be a lot of replay value and that Chronos Materia is a game that players will want to play again and again.

Not much more is currently known about the game: characters design is going to be handled by vocaloid illustrator Nozomi Ousaka.

Chronos Materia is going to be released in Japan on September 26th. There are no news on possible North American and European releases.

Source: VG247