Wolfnstein: The New Order Won’t Be Just A Simple Shooter

Wolfstein: The New Order isn’t going to be a simple shooter where the only thing players will have to do to complete the game is shooting everything that moves. MachineGames is fully focused on making the game something more, with Bethesda marketing head Pete Hines comparing the game to the Uncharted series.

“If you think this is just a mindless shooter where you go into rooms and kill things, of course that doesn’t sound interesting.”

“But when you figure out what Wolfenstein is actually doing here, what it’s about and what they’re trying to bring to the table, I think there is something there for folks who say, ‘yeah, I want to shoot things, but I want some other stuff too.”

Hines has also stated that he loves how Naughty Dog handled the Uncharted series where there wasn’t just shooting: the wait for the next cutscene was one of the best elements of the series.

Some of the games developed by former members of Starbreeze, now working on the game, like Chronicles Of Riddick and The Darkness have some interesting gameplay features that MachinaGames will be trying to implement in The New Order as well.

Wolfstein: The New Order will launch during December on Pc, Ps3, Ps4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: VG247