Final Fantasy XV New Details: Command Style, Teamplay

New details for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV have emerged today. The game, which was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will bring a lot of new gameplay elements as seen in the E3 trailer, but not everything that made the series so successful will be changed.

Final Fantasy XV is going to be an action role-playing game, a first for a main entry of the series. However director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that there’s also going to be a Command System in the game: having an action only title wouldn’t be much “Final Fantasy”.

The game’s main character, Noctis, will be able to fight alone but will also have to cooperate with others in order to survive. Teamplay will also have ties to the game’s story. It’s not been specified if this teamplay refers to a possible multiplayer mode: Nomura himself hinted at it not too long ago.

The idea to make Noctis move so fast on the battlefield has been developed so that the game will retain some of the fantastical elements of the series and strike a balance with the more realistic elements.

Final Fantasy XV is currently being developed on Ps4 and Xbox One and it’s going to release sometime next year. The game is being developed at a quality higher than what next-gen consoles are capable of and it will be ported on hardware capable of running DirectX 11: this means that a PC version of the game is possible.