Soul Sacrifice Patch 1.11 Now Available, New Quest, Bosses

Soul Sacrifice, the exclusive PsVita game directed by former Capcom game designer Keiji Inafune, has now been updated with a new patch.

Patch 1.11 will bring some small fixes to the game and, unfortunately, make one of the game’s feature unavailable for the time being:

Temporary Closure of the “Posting” function on Facebook

  • Currently, the Posting function on Facebook is unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bug fixes

  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

Together with the patch and its fixes, players will also be able to enjoy eight new missions, The Revolutionary and the Sullied Maid’s Shade quest, and two new bosses called Ouroboros and Wraith. Thanks to the Angelus Black Rite, players will also be able to obtain wings as well as some new and unique abilities.

Sony has also provided the official description for the two new bosses and the Angelus Black Rite:


  • He was a man known for his wild and eccentric ideas. The inventions he produced were as fascinating as they were useless. Everyone agreed: the man was either a genius or a fool. One day, he trained his unique eye on a simple cart. He envisioned wheels that turned without a horse to pull them. A vehicle that propelled itself. If such a thing could be fashioned, surely it would make the world a better place…


  • The woman’s beauty was her ticket to a hedonistic lifestyle. She never lacked for a partner with whom to while away the early hours. Perhaps what befell her was a form of punishment. The tab, come after a long night’s carousing. She was struck by an infectious disease. The disease soon ravaged her body, stripping her of her charms. To wither away into a hideous crone while still in the bloom of youth was too much for the woman to bear. In her bleakest moment, a strange vision came upon her…

Angelus Black Rite

  • Offer your bones to gain the power of wings. During the rite, wings pierce enemies and heal allies. Price paid with lowered speed and lost evasion.

The new Soul Sacrifice contents are already available on the North America Playstation Store and they will become available in Europe tomorrow.