North American Playstation Store New Contents Already Available

A Playstation Network scheduled maintenance will be starting later today and it looked like the update for the North American Playstation Store would be delayed. However Sony has surprised us once again by updating the North American Store before the maintenance begins.

Paul Sullivan, Community Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms, explained the situation:

Our teams worked hard over the weekend to ensure that this update can be released later tonight (night of June 24). This will allow you to hop into the store tonight ahead of tomorrow’s store update post, and pick up your purchases prior to the Tuesday downtime. Since this is an early update, be sure to take advantage of any current sales now, while you can. We recognize that Tuesdays aren’t the best day for these, but it was required. As noted, we did our best to ease the pain that this may cause.

Here are all the new contents now available on the North American Playstation Store:

PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

• Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)

PSN Games

• Hotline Miami ($9.99; Cross-Buy)

• Pool Nation ($8.49)

• Spartacus Legends (Free)

PS Vita Games

• Muramasa Rebirth ($34.99)

• Hotline Miami ($9.99; Cross-Buy)


• Soul Sacrifice Additional Quest: The Rev and Maid’s Shade (Free)

• Soul Sacrifice Black Rite: Angelus (Free)