State of Decay developer discusses DLC, sequel possibilities

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Undead Labs have been pretty busy over the past couple of weeks, with the release of their big zombie hit State of Decay, the studio is already contemplating plans for a sequel.  In an interview with Polygon, studio founder Jeff Strain revealed upcoming DLC for the title in the form of a “pure survival” sandbox mode.

“The game is basically a giant simulation of zombies versus humans,” Strain said. “The narrative we tell gives you some context and drives you through the experience, and there is a beginning, middle and end. I think people take between 15 and 25 hours to play the entire game, and we found that after that, players are immediately restarting.”

“Every playthrough is different, but the story is the same every time. After they finish they want to just experience the game in pure sandbox mode and be able to focus on experiencing the world and not worry about completing the story. We’re going to make that happen.”

Strain also mentioned that if they were going to be releasing a sequel for a game, it would be on next gen hardware, with a specific mention of the Xbox One.  “If we do a full sequel to the game, it wouldn’t be on currently existing hardware,” he said. “We don’t know what the future of State of Decay is right now, the IP, the franchise… Clearly if there’s a full sequel, it would be on Xbox One. But I can’t comment beyond that.”