Microsoft Rumored to Be Announcing Indie Self-Publishing for Xbox One

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The indie game developers of the world have been rather outspoken in just how much they dislike the upcoming Xbox One, as well as how difficult it was to publish games on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade. The most recent and vocal critic has been Polytron Games’ Phil Fish, who talked about how it cost tens of thousands of dollars to submit a game to Xbox Live Arcade, to get Microsoft to “certify” it, as well as the cost of future patches to the game as well. Him and many others were quick to point out that there was no talk about indie publishing on the Xbox One, while Sony has discussed a more open platform on the PlayStation 4’s PlayStation Network.

Microsoft might be making another about-face on one of their policies due to some consumer and industry outrage, this time when it comes to indie self-publishing. While it was not a part of the Xbox One previously, it looks like they may look to reverse that very soon, making it a lot easier for indie developers to publish titles onto the Xbox Live Arcade.