Monster Hunter Online Gets A New Trailer

A new trailer is now available for the upcoming Monster Hunter Online, the first entry of the series to get released on PC. The game is currently being developed by Tencent and it’s going to be released before the end of the year. The new trailer, which can be seen by going here, showcases some of the game’s locations as some characters battle monsters.

Monster Hunter Online will feature the usual Monster Hunter gameplay formula together with high quality graphics and, obviously, online play. The game is currently being developed on the CryEngine so we can rest assured that the game will really look great.

Gameplay wise, Monster Hunter Online is going to feature the best elements of the Monster Hunter gameplay formula: lots of different locations, monsters and, of course, weapons. Among the available weapons will be the Great Sword which will allow players to defeat monsters by using a few standard attacks and a special technique called Gates To Hell.

Monster Hunter Online is going to be released on Pc in China sometime later this year: it’s still unknown if we’ll ever get a Western release of the game. The game will also enter closed beta on June 28th.