Dragon Quest X Coming On Pc Later In September

Dragon Quest X is the latest entry of the long running role-playing game series created by Enix: the game is quite unique since it’s the first MMORPG created for the series. The game has been originally announced as a Nintendo exclusive and it’s currently available on Japan on both Wii and Wii U.

Square Enix has now revealed that Dragon Quest X will be released on Pc as well: the Pc version will cost 3,990 yen and it’s only been confirmed for Japan. A Special pack has also been announced, including a Dragon Quest themes security token, a controller, an illustration book, a world map and an item code. This special pack will cost 9,800 yen.

A Beta testing phase is currently in progress for the PC version: you can access the Dragon Quest X beta by going here to download the benchmark for the game. If your system passes, you’ll be able to download the client of the game and apply for the beta.

Dragon Quest X will release on Pc on September 26th: the game is already available in Japan on Wii and Wii U. Some Dragon Quest fans expected some news regarding the possible release of the Wii U version in the West during the E3 but nothing has been announced: at this point there’s a high chance that Nintendo and Square Enix will not bring the game to North America and Europe. We’ll keep you updated if anything new comes in.