Bethesda Has No Plans to Release Social, XBLA, PSN or Wii U Games

Bethesda are well known for making some of the best quality games in their in-house studio, as well as publishing some of the better games of the past few years. It has made the Bethesda name well-known for quality in the eyes of many gamers, and it looks like Bethesda is not looking to make any drastic changes to the way that they do business any time soon. The gaming world has seemingly been changing a lot, including the advent of social and mobile gaming, but Bethesda seems unimpressed with those platforms, and rightfully so, now that those markets have dried up a bit.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about how the company is not looking to do anything that different, because what they do they do well. The subject of Nintendo also came up, which is interesting to note that Bethesda really doesn’t release to Nintendo consoles, and according to Hines, they have no plans to do anything with Nintendo in the near future. When prompted as to why, he said that he’d rather not talk about it.

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