Outlast Dev: “Our Goal is to Scare The Sh*t Out of Players”

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Another console exclusive that the PS4 is getting is the new first-person horror game, Outlast, and the developers are aiming for it to be the scariest game out there.  PSLS talked to Co-founder/President and Game Designer at Red Barrels Games, Philippe Morin, and he discussed what the studio’s intentions were for the game.

“Playing hide-and-seek is one of the oldest games, when you are a child you play hide-and-seek and you are afraid of the dark. So I think the experience we have created goes back to a primal fear of humanity, and I think that the response so far is great. It is basically a stealth game with a horror context. I think people will dig it. No combat is the starting point, but the whole approach is really about making players suffer [laughs],”  Morin said.

Morin went on to discuss how they’re able to make games that may be a little too much for some people too handle.  “Well, that might be some of the reasons why some of the big publishers have made their games more like shooters – because they were trying to reach a wider audience. We don’t have to worry with all of the overhead that they have to, we are just focusing on making a game that we want to make and hope that enough people will buy it so we can make another one [grins].”

This is very interesting stuff, and I’m looking forward to the PS4 version early in 2014.  The PC version will be available later this year.