DICE Previews Battlefield 4’s Spectator Mode

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In many ways, Battlefield 4’s E3 demonstration blew a lot of other games out of the water just by being a new Battlefield game with some cool new features. One of the features which will be a part of Battlefield 4 is something called spectator mode, where a player who might not want to be in the thick of the action can effectively “ghost” another player, spectating them as they do their thing. We’ve seen similar features on a smaller scale in past Battlefield and even other FPS games, but it is usually for a brief period of time in between spawns or rounds.

This feature is set to follow another player for as long as you wish, thus Battlefield 4’s Spectator Mode is different than what we usually see. There are some concerns of desyncing or due to a network connection having duplicate “ghosts” of a character, but it should hopefully be 100% by the time that Battlefield 4 is ready for release this fall. For players who are less confident or skilled, the ability to follow around the best player in a game and see them in action could be an invaluable learning tool.