Xbox One: Pachter predicts DRM retraction ahead of time

It seems that the infamous Michael Pachter has finally predicted something that actually came to fruition.  In a new episode of Pach Attack, the Wedbush Morgan Analyst discussed the issues Microsoft faced with the DRM and used games policy, which Microsoft actually reversed a few hours later.  The guy doesn’t make accurate predictions often, so it’s always strange when he does.

In the episode, which was taped June 18, he said of the backlash aimed at Xbox One, “I think the consumer dissatisfaction with DRM is not going to go away unless Microsoft changes the policy, or unless Microsoft does a far better job of communicating its intentions. I think Microsoft has good intentions.

“The company really created ‘always connected’ because they want games to have the ability to not only switch from game, to game, to game; but to switch from game to Skype, to game, to internet browser, god knows what else,” and added, “you really can’ do those without an internet connection. So the always on is to light a switch.”

He added that Microsoft did a “poor” job of communicating their intentions with the new system, and he predicted that the company would eventually admit that they were wrong.

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