Xbox One Could Be Affected By Newly Proposed Privacy Bill

One of the biggest stories in the world right now is former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaking evidence of the NSA and US government snooping on its citizens for no good reason under the guise of “protection.” Over the last few months the idea of privacy has become a hot-button issue in the United States and across the world as governments are seizing more and more power from citizens. This is also a concern for gamers as we know that certain data is collected from our gaming habits and used to push advertisements at us, even more so with the upcoming Xbox One from Microsoft, featuring a Kinect device that will be watching you do everything.

According to a new bill proposed, the “We Are Watching You Act,” certain members of the government feel that entertainment devices, such as the upcoming Xbox One, are deceptive in how they collect information from unwitting consumers. While they aren’t looking to flat out shut down these practices (sadly), they are looking for these devices to have very clear warnings whenever they plan on collecting information. This could obviously big a big deal with the Xbox One and could cause Microsoft to make a few changes to avoid having to do this.

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