Sand Slides

Sand Slides is a unique game that involves strategically directing and managing sand to flow into the correct containers. It may sound simple, but you’ll be buried up to your head in no time if you can’t keep up. Every grain counts as you create chutes and buckets with the wave of your finger to keep the sand flowing in the desired directions.

In many ways, Sand Slides is a game similar to Tetris. Instead of falling blocks, you’ll have three different containers alternately dropping three different colors of sand. Instead of building the sand into rows at the bottom, you’ll have three containers on the bottom that each have a color assigned indicating which grains of sand belong in that container. You must control the sand by drawing lines with your finger to direct and contain the sand. Your score will go up when you put the correctly colored grains of sand into the containers, but your overall grain limit will go down if you get the wrong kind of sand in a container. The grain limit varies depending on which gameplay mode you choose, but it’s always game over when it reaches zero. Otherwise, the game keeps going and your score just gets higher and higher.

There is a simple introduction in Sand Slides to teach players how to use the strategies of building slides and buckets to direct and contain the sand. Players can even aim for a higher score by timing two different colors of sand to drop into the correct containers at the same time. There are achievements to unlock for getting high scores on various difficulties. There are also different modes of play that affect how long the matches will last depending on the amount of sand released and how high the grain limit is. There is even a practice mode with no grain limit that new players can use to hone their skills. The difficulty levels of the game are in direct correlation with how much sand is dropped at one time. The more sand that drops the better you’ll have to be at managing your chutes and buckets to last for very long.

Sand Slides is an addictive game built on a simple concept that works incredibly well. The gameplay is based on skill and strategy, so it’s a good game to play and compete for highest score with friends. Sand Slides sticks mostly to the core gameplay mechanics described, not bothering with any extra bells and whistles, which turns out to be both positive and negative. While you don’t have to worry about power ups, leveling up or any wild card elements, once you’ve mastered the basic gameplay, there’s not much to make the game interesting. When you get to the point of having to play for 10 to 15 minutes just to beat your high score, it becomes more of an endurance test. Sand Slides does an excellent job creating entertaining and easy to pick up gameplay, but there’s very little to keep players coming back other than to challenge their previous scores.

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