Top 5 Cakes in Video Games

Cakes are one of the most proliferous foods in gaming, appearing in more than a few games, and always in a positive light (even if they do end up being a lie). These are just a few recognizable cakes that stand out from the other baked goods in games and quite a few of them are recognizable icons in the gaming world.

5. Maple Story Cakes

Long-time players of Maple Story should be familiar with the several different cake enemies in the game. During birthday events, cake monsters—and sometimes cake bosses—will generate in certain anniversary areas of the game, along with a few other types of edible monsters. The cake monsters all have different stats and they drop several rare items. Some are powerful versions of equipment, and others are necessary for timed quests during the events. There were also Cake vs Pie events that had factions defending different cities from these two desserts.

4. Fat Princess’s Cake

With Playstation All-stars featuring Fat Princess, it’s hard to find a screenshot of her or commercial of the game without her stuffing her face with this trademark slice of cake. In her own games, feeding her cake would cause her to be harder to carry for both teams. Over time, this effect would wear off and Fat Princess would resume her normal weight. Eating cake in the game would also cause most classes to restore their health when it’s low.

3. Mario’s Cake

Mario has a huge penchant for cakes, and it’s no surprise that the dessert is a reoccurring item in most of the series. Its more memorable appearances involve Peach cooking a cake for Mario and inviting him over at the start of the games…and of course, that doesn’t turn out too well. Once the princess is rescued, he finally gets his cake in an end scene or shot. Cake occasionally appears as a healing in-game item, although Mario’s had at least one of his cake items sabotaged in the series. It appears cake is his main weakness!

2. Minecraft Cake

As one of the most recognizable cakes of the video game world, this cake has spawned a plethora of physical recipes and recreations. The ingredients in-game are difficult to collect, and unless you’re lucky, you’ll have to have several different farms founded to have a consistent supply of cake. However, the work is worth it, as the item greatly fills up your hunger meter, and in older versions refills nine hearts. Along with that, you can have six different servings of each cake, and this can be split between multiple people. Its only disadvantage is that once you place it, you can’t move or remove the cake.

1. Portal Cake

One of the most infamous characters of Portal, this cake spawned several memes recognizable by gamers across the world. Although attempting to get the cake will inevitably kill you, the cake is not a lie, as the previous test subject would have you believe. If you explore around with noclip, you can find the cake without burning up, surrounded by incinerators yet completely unharmed. Its name drop in the ending credits and references in the game’s sequel certainly kept this meme alive.

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