Maze Magic

Maze Magic is an action game from Zoopa Inc that allows players to traverse mazes full of evil wizards and loot as their very own upgradeable wizard. There are dozens of mazes to adventure through while earning coins and blasting evil wizards away in this magical title.

In Maze Magic, players must direct their wizards through the mazes by clicking where to go, but look out for evil wizards because they’ll attack by shooting spells. However, by collecting floating potions in the mazes, players can select enemy wizards to attack by fighting spell for spell. Your wizard can only shoot as many spells as he has potions. Taking out evil wizards helps to boost your score for the maze and makes it safer to travel around collecting coins. Players can go for the high score and earn up to three stars on each maze by collecting all of the coins and potions and killing all of the evil wizards before reaching the end of the maze. Once you complete a maze, you can customize your wizard or skip right to the next maze.

Coins are the currency of Maze Magic, and they can be used to purchase upgrades for your wizard or unlock new mazes. The list of upgrades is somewhat short, only including a new staff that shoots double spells and a few hats that can make your wizard speed up, turn invisible or attract potions. However, the bonuses are well worth it. Unlocking new mazes is an expensive purchase that will require players to repeatedly run through the same mazes to earn enough coins to try the different mazes and environments. There are four different environments total that have ten mazes apiece.

The wizards in Maze Magic look like glossy 3D clay animation. The mazes are square boards with environmental themes that only contain two repeating graphics: one for the borders of the maze and one for obstacles or walls in the maze. In the first section of mazes, the theme is a forest and the graphics are a repeated tree and plant. Past the edge of the maze the background is just a solid color without imagery.

The mazes of Maze Magic are not actually tough to navigate, which would have really increased the difficulty of this game. Instead, the challenge comes from dealing with evil wizards and only having a limited number of attacks based on the potions that you find. Enemy wizards will occasionally dodge attacks making you spend two potions to take them out and can shoot spells diagonally. You can’t pass through the space an evil wizard occupies, and most of the passages in the mazes are single file, which means if you get trapped without a potion, you’re toast. Your wizard does start off each maze with three health points, each equating to one hit with a spell, but getting trapped unarms always ends poorly.

Maze Magic could have been a much better game if the mazes had actually required thought or at least a lot of wandering around to find the way out, but the only positive aspect of the short mazes is that they go quickly when you’re forced to grind them for coins in order to unlock new mazes. Put away your wizard staff and thinking cap, this game will not satisfy any desires to wield magic or puzzle your way out of a maze.

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