The N00b’s First Impressions of Kingdom Hearts

Last night I started playing Kingdom Hearts on an emulator on my computer and hooked it up to my television. I’ve been told that I have to try this game out, that its storyline is completely tantalizing and the action memorable. So far, my impressions are positive, but I am curious about the rest of the game.

On my summer to-do list that I posted awhile ago, I noted that Kingdom Hearts was a game I had to get through. This also included the second installment in the series. I feel like I have barely begun the first one even though I played until my eyes hurt last night.

For the time it was created, the game itself has incredible graphics, especially during the cut scenes. This mostly includes the environment such as the water surrounding the island and the sky. Sure it’s nothing compared to Skyrim, but for the time, it’s pretty darn good.

The story has me pretty entwined. Growing up, all I watched were Disney movies. I watched them not once, not twice, but several hundred times. Some of my favorites were The Lion King (who didn’t like this movie?), Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid. All of these “worlds” are included in Kingdom Hearts and I can’t wait to become a part of them and play the world.

If you really think about it, Kingdom Hearts presents an interesting concept. Honestly, I think it would make for a great movie. The story is that these dark things called the Heartless are invading worlds and are attacking Sora, who holds the keyblade. For some reason (I don’t know yet), they need the keyblade. Worlds are disappearing and this is noted by stars disappearing in the sky. Mickey, who is the king of this Disney universe, has left to search for help and has commanded Goofy and Donald Duck to find Sora and the keyblade. From there, Sora travels around to these different Disney Worlds to battle the Heartless and save the worlds. There is a door that has been opened and the worlds are finding out about each other. I think it was quoted that they are “leaking into one another.” That’s all I know so far.

The concept of different Disney worlds leaking into one another is fascinating. You have to stop and wonder if the Disney princesses really did know about each other then, since they are always presented together like a clique (as toys or in story books). Being a Disney fan, I am interested to see how the story turns out and why Disney worlds knowing about one another is so detrimental. And what the heck is going on with Sora and Kairi. There are so many open ends to the story right now that it is driving me nuts waiting to figure it out. I am also looking forward to reliving some of my favorite Disney movies.

I predict Riku is a bad guy. He has this edge that tells me he could be a part of the dark side at some point in the game. I also predict Sora will eventually win over Kairi. Beyond that, I really do not know what to expect. I know this is a fairly old game and most of the readers probably know what happens, but you can just refer to me as the Kingdom Hearts noob.

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