Should Supernatural Turn Video Game?

I’ve had a lot of different experiences with the so-called paranormal in my lifetime. My best friend is a medium and we spent a summer exploring all of the “haunted” places in our town. Nowadays, decent paranormal shows are hard to come by on television. They all just want to scare you and some lack a storyline altogether, like the guys on Ghost Adventures who consider themselves “demon hunters.” There are only two demon hunters on television that truly deserve recognition, and that would be the Winchester brothers. The show, Supernatural, is packed with gore, terror, an intense narrative and likable characters. Every time I sit down to watch Supernatural, I can’t help but wonder, “How would this pan out as a video game?”

Dean and Sam Winchester were born to be hunters of all things paranormal. This includes spirits, vampires, demons, bloodsucking worms, murderous haunted paintings—you name it. They are like the unconventional Mulder and Scully of our generation, except their FBI badges are always forged. I’ve seen some television show video games before, and they haven’t been the greatest games. Take for example, The X-Files game. It uses live-action cut scenes that basically walk you through the game. This is not how I envision a Supernatural video game.

When I think Supernatural in terms of a video game, I am thinking something as dedicated as La Noire with the special face technology and the in-depth stories for each case. Of course, there has to be an overarching storyline that connects everything to the end of the game, a final boss battle. If a developer takes the time and the effort to turn one of primetime’s most popular television shows into a video game, it could rake in a decent profit.

In this Supernatural game, you should have the choice to play as Dean or play as Sam. If you know the characters well, developers could add in power-ups like a piece of pie as health. Sam and Dean could have their own individual weapons or fight moves. You could play co-op with one of your buddies. There is also an option for online multiplayer adding in Bobby Singer, Jo or Castiel to go Left-For-Dead-style with players choosing to be the humans or the demons.

This could be done a different way rather than the LA Noire route. How about the route of Silent Hill Downpour? Supernatural would take place in a completely open world where you have the choice of sticking to the main storyline and following the clues and beating demons on the way, or finding newspaper clippings which lead you to possible new cases, sidequests. You could play Supernatural for hours at this rate. Using Dean’s Impala as transportation, you could easily get around the world, whether it be empty or populated, and maybe even travel to different towns to find new clues.

There is so much opportunity in this idea, but I doubt anyone will want to put all of that time and effort into a television show video game that is practically passed its prime. Supernatural is on the outs, sadly, as the seasons draw near to a final conclusion. As much as I wish they’d milk the series, I don’t think anyone will ever develop such a neat video game for Supernatural. Maybe someone will create an MMORPG (hint, hint!)?

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