Wolf Toss

The Big Bad Wolf is back in Wolf Toss, a new physics puzzler title from Zipline Games. Join up with the wolf as he takes on his eternal nemeses, the Three Little Pigs. However, Mr. Wolf has acquired a few new tricks since the old huffing and puffing days. Bring home the bacon by taking down the pigs’ structures level by level by firing the Big Bad Wolf from cannons.

Wolf Toss is a game of the physics puzzle variety that bears a striking resemblance to the popular title Angry Birds. However, despite being the same genre and style of game, Wolf Toss does have its own unique features and charm. The artwork and animation is cute and comical, and, when combined with the soundtrack and sound effects, a fun environment is created for firing wolves from cannons. There are over 100 levels between three worlds and three difficulties. Some of the 2D levels expand both horizontally and vertically making Wolf Toss a bit of a maze game as well as destruction.

The three different worlds of Wolf Toss are represented by the background art in each level. Each world has a number of levels attached to it along with three pig mansions that must be unlocked with coins. Each level has three difficulty settings, and each setting must be unlocked by the previous. Playing on the tougher difficulties increases the number of pigs and obstacles that need to be overcome to complete the level; it also adds points to the player’s end score. One of the unique features of Wolf Toss are the cannons that are spread throughout each of the 2D levels. Multiple cannons allow the player to traverse the board, collect power ups, and fire at the pigs and structures from different angles. All of the cannons have a number over them to signify the amount of shots remaining in that particular cannon. There are 15 different power ups and cheats to learn and master in the game.

The Big Bad Wolf will travel from feast to feast (or level to level) collecting coins and experience as the player strives for the high score on each. The coins can be put to use at the in-game shop for advantages, like experience boosters, wheel spins and coins, or just silly outfits for your wolf. Be warned, some of the levels and other worlds need to be unlocked using coins, so you may want to save up rather than turn your wolf into a pirate. The experience accumulates to level up your wolf with the only effect seeming to be a new title at most levels. There are also achievements and leader boards to compete for in Wolf Toss.

There is a very gentle progression from easy to difficult in Wolf Toss, which is made easier by having multiple difficulty settings available to play on each level. As with any well-designed game, the gameplay is easy to learn, but takes time to master. There is plenty of room to add new levels with even more difficult obstacles to overcome, but it is a complete game relying on the player to know the story of the Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs to understand the back story and motivation. Wolf Toss is an entertaining game that can currently be found for free at the iTunes App Store, Android Market and the Chrome Webstore.

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