The Story Mode Of Injustice: Gods Among Us

It is well known and acknowledged that in a fighting game the story is probably the weakest point of the package. But this time Injustice: Gods Among Us made something different. I’m saying that maybe this is just what the genre needed. We don’t get to watch a cutscene after each fight that makes no sense character-wise. There is no such thing as “yes, we are on the same team but we have different opinions this time, so let’s fight!” There are believable reasons for a clash and encounters never feel cheesy. Of course the universe in which the story is told helps a lot.

During the years, from comics to animated series, the DC universe has delivered stories set in parallel universes, with a space-time continuum often shifted. Interactions between doppelgangers and dimensions is used and accepted. Now it’s not different. Everyone with a little bit of past history with DC’s superheroes will find everything in place, especially regarding the interactions between characters. It is obvious that a lot of research and respect towards the source material are at the base of the project. What struck me the most was the way the story flows smooth, believable and satisfying.

You can forget for a moment to be in a fighting game and enjoy the story as if you’re watching it on a TV show or reading it on your favorite weekly comic. The amazing thing is that this time you are in charge of the battles. You follow the dialogue until the inevitable conflict arises and then it’s your turn to “talk”. Every character retains his most recognizable nature, all the main traits intact. Batman is always a step ahead of everyone, Green Arrow is a cocky fellow, Green Lantern is a paladin, Aquaman is a strong and believable king of a submerged realm, Lex Luthor is a devious planner and oddly enough an amazing good guy and The Joker and Harley Queen are insane as always. I can’t talk for Superman to avoid spoilers and for everyone else you’ll have to play the game. If you’re a DC fan nothing more enjoyable to do.

Until now only Batman was able to carry an entire new franchise in the video games’ world, which is still running and with a new title coming at the end of the year. With this title Warner Bros. and DC have proved to us that their heroes and villains deserve attention on the gaming scene. NetherRealm made an awesome job with the license and was able to make me want to further explore these characters. But not by buying more comics or watching more TV shows. I’m talking about video games. With another story for the Justice League. This game proved that it’s possible. We are asking for this for years now, if this is what was needed, so be it. Perhaps you’ll think the same way as I do after playing Injustice: Gods Among Us, you just have to give it a try.

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