PS4: 5 Must Have Features To Win

With excitement building consistently for Sony’s Feb 20th press conference, many rumors have spread about the features that the PS4 will have. Some of these rumors have made gamers anxious, while others give hope. Looking at next-gen gaming and how it will impact us gamers, I believe there are 5 stead fast features that Sony must apply to their new console in order to come out tops in the new console war. These features range from hardware to software, but most importantly, center around gamers.

5) 3 Months Free Of PS+

PlayStation + will undoubtedly return with the PS4. Generally, when Sony has been generous by giving free access to PS+, they’ve only done so for a month. This time around, Sony should put more faith into their product and allow free access to PS+ for 3 months. This is a long enough time to allow gamers to notice and appreciate the rewards that PS+ brings, thus creating more interest in the product. Of course, Sony should still maintain their free online policy, as this single policy is what drove many gamers to purchase a PS3 in the first place. PS+ should still remain an extra for those willing to pay. Providing 3 free months will easily garner more interest in the subscription.

4) Console Comes With 2 Controllers And Headsets

One of my main beefs with new consoles is that they usually only come with 1 controller. This is such a let down, especially considering that controller could require a recharge midway through a gaming session, forcing you to either stop or sit way too close to the console (due to short recharge wire). This isn’t even touching on the fact that many games are best played with friends, whether they be co-op games or competitive games like Street Fighter. It’s very likely that people will have to purchase an additional controller, so they may as well add another into the bundle. And on a smaller note, they should add accompanying headsets too. This is more to lure in Xbox gamers who are used to having a headset with their console.

3) Backwards Compatibility

A contentious topic for new consoles is their ability to play older games. Sony should not forget that fans and new gamers both may have reason to play older games. Perhaps someone who has never played an Uncharted game might want to try out the old games before diving into Uncharted 4(which should be a launch title). Die hard fans need no reason to play the old games they love. Providing this option, even if through an online service like Gaikai (to maintain a low price), should be seriously considered. With the improved hardware, we might even see some advantages of playing on the PS4 over the PS3, thus increasing its desirability.

2) Share Online With PS3

This may be a weird concept, but bear with me. Sony should definitely synchronize all online gaming on PSN. We’ve seen the PS3 and PSVita share online connectivity, and so should the PS4. This is more important to cater to annual games like Call Of Duty and Fifa. By sharing the online between the PS3 and PS4, Sony will provide a bigger pool of online players for early PS4 console adopters to play with. For instance, when Fifa 14 comes out, it can come out for both the PS3 and PS4. Gamers on both consoles are brought together online to play multiplayer through PSN. This will provide early PS4 adopters a huge number of people to play with, whilst also catering to those who don’t want to buy a new console yet. A further incentive could be added in that the PS4 version comes out 2-4 weeks earlier than the PS3 version, allowing priority to the PS4.

1) Allow Used Games

Another big incentive for gamers would be to allow used games on the PS4. It’s not as simple as buying and selling used games. Blocking used games would also block rentals and lending games to friends and family. These are simply things that any consumer likes to be able to do. Many of us love getting our friends to try something new we’ve found, mostly so that we can then talk about it together. By being so stringent on used games, companies will force consumers away. Sony should definitely be wary of such a maneuver.

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