PS4: 5 Required Great Launch Titles

With the eminent announcement of the PS4 by Sony at the upcoming Feb 20th conference, many gamers are looking forward to the possible games that will come out. In order to make the most impact, Sony needs to hit the ground running and have some great games out at launch. The PS3 took a bit too long to get great games, and so is the Wii U. Sony needs to make sure these games, or games equal in hype and quality, will be available from day 1.

5) Gran Turismo 6


The Gran Turismo series is still a money maker and thus a console mover. After the long development time that GT5 went through, Sony should make sure GT6 is ready at launch and be good enough visually and technically. There are still a lot of fans for the series and it being a launch title would also draw in early adopters. It would be a better alternative than having a new Motorstorm game.

4) Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Games in development hell tend not to impress in the final product. Square-Enix have been going through their own problems as of late, with resources being poured into FFXIV and Lightning Returns. Sony should have poured some of their own resources into making sure FFvsXIII (or whatever new name it may have) releases on the PS4 and as a launch title. Although many may have given up on the title, showing new content and hyping it up for a new console will no doubt rejuvenate interest in the game again. If the original vision of the game can be kept, it will draw in many gamers.

3) Uncharted 4


Perhaps Sony’s flagship title in recent years, the Uncharted series has become a smash hit among gamers. An easy title to launch on the PS4 would be Uncharted 4. There should be some creativity and innovation poured into the series to make it not seem like just another sequel. Being a third-person shooter, there should be plenty of room to make the game bigger and better, in both the single-player and multiplayer department.

 2) Monster Hunter


This one might be tough, given I’m not 100% sure of what relationship Nintendo have over the Monster Hunter series now. If possible though, Sony need to make sure they get a Monster Hunter title available on the PS4. The Monster Hunter series is a major console-seller, especially in Japan where console gaming has taken a bit of a nose-dive. Sony needs the backing of their home country if they want to make a bigger impact in the console market for the next-generation of gaming.

1) Demon’s Souls 2


Sony are resting on a major exclusive title in Demon’s Souls. Quite a few gamers would praise Demon’s Souls as being a more polished game compared to Dark Souls, and with an interesting lore to boot, Sony should capitalize. Granted, it would require input from From Software, but Sony should still have invested some resources into getting the game up and running for a launch title. No doubt many hardcore gamers would love to get their hands on a next-gen game that thrives on being hard and has a wonderfully dark lore. This would be a great launch title.

Do you have any other titles you feel should be launch titles on the PS4?

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