Mutant Mudds

Its always interesting to see new platformers for the iOS, blending in classic mechanics with the capabilities of an iPad or iPhone, it’ll always create some unique.  Mutant Mudds is an action platformer, that has you traversing countless hazardous obstacles as Max.  Its not an entirely unique concept, but the fact that you’re trying to rid the world from the evil mud, might make an intriguing argument.  The game was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but the iOS release proves to be the best version yet.

The game’s story is a charming one, the mud based aliens, or the Mudds, have invaded the Earth.  The Mudds have disrupted Max’s day with his grandma, and that’s all the motivation he needs to fight back against the aliens.  So he starts off on his journey, with his trusty water cannon and jetpack.  The visuals in the game are great, it really feels like you’re playing a retro platformer.  The developer actually stated that the game was a twelve bit platformer, and when you play it for yourself, you really agree with his statement.  The game doesn’t look 16 bit, but it doesn’t look 8-bit either, its right there in the middle, and it works beautifully.  The game is also really bright and colorful, and it can really pop if you’re playing this on a device with Retina Display.  The music is just as good as the graphics, the catchy tunes will nest in your head long after you’ve cut the game off.


The biggest reason the game is so good, has to be it’s great platforming.  Max has all your basic platforming moves, running, jumping, and blasting mud aliens with your cannon.  Thanks to Max’s jetpack, you can tap the jump button while you’re in mid air to hover for a short period of time.  Learning all of Max’s moves will be a key part in your success, otherwise, you’ll start to struggle when the game’s difficulty begins to ramp up.  That’s one thing I want to note, the difficulty really spiked at a certain part in the game.  The beginning levels were simple, as they should be, but the difficulty ramp should have been a little less steep.  Once you get the hang of the controls though, you’ll be ready for anything the game throws at you.  If you don’t like the virtual D-pad or joystick, then you won’t like the virtual gamepad in this game either.  This is something that will always be in these touch screen games, so you might as well get used to it.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a platformer where you can jump between three dimensions seamlessly.  Maybe you can say LittleBigPlanet did it, but the way Mutant Mudds lays out it’s levels for dimension jumping makes it feel a lot better.  Over the course of a level, you’ll see these orange platforms, where you can jump on to switch dimensions.  When you’re jumping from the background, to the mid ground, then to the foreground, it really highlights the game’s superior level design.  There are a total of 60 levels in the game, it definitely feels like a packed game.  When you play through a level and collect the diamonds, you can spend those diamonds on upgrades.  You can upgrade your water cannon, your jetpack, and you can even gain the ability to blast yourself up vertically.  All of these upgrades will open up new opportunities that you didn’t have before in a particular level.

The entire package is definitely worth every penny, and since it’ll only cost you 99 of your precious pennies, you should definitely pick this one up.  It has the complete winning formula for a good platformer, solid controls and a unique experience that separates itself from other titles in the same genre.

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