The Walking Dead Assault

Any new chance to experience the world of The Walking Dead, I instantly jump on to it.  The Walking Dead Assault focuses on the action side of the things, instead of putting it’s emphasis on the emotional affects the zombie apocalypse has on the survivors, it’s all about killing zombies.  The Walking Dead’s popularity continues to grow at a high rate, and TWD Assault will only heighten people’s opinion for the franchise as a whole.

If you’re familiar with TWD comics, then the story will feel very familiar.  The game doesn’t relate to the show in any way, the narrative and character designs are the same as the comics.  Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal’s representations of their characters are nowhere to be found in TWD Assault.  The game starts off with Rick waking up in the abandoned hospital, and thats where you begin your killing.  The game continues to tell it’s narrative directly through pages of the comics, it’s cool to see all the environments presented in a new perspective, especially if you’re a huge fan of the famous series.

The visuals in the game are great, and the way the game is viewed via the overhead perspective makes it all the better.  Another way the game compares to the comic, is that the game is in black and white.  It really tries to recreate the experience of you actually reading one of the comics.  Although the world is in black and white, there are goals and items that have color.  The game uses color to attract the player to items of interest, like yellow ammo piles, or red walkers heading your way.  When you down a walker, the red splatter really stands out in the black and white environments.  It’ll make the game look a like a splash painting when you kill a bunch of em’.


This game is a lot different from Telltale’s representation of the game, this game feels more like a strategic action game.  Before each mission, you get to select up to four different survivors, each of them having their own unique abilities.  For example, Rick can make everyone in your party a better shot.  Andrea has the ability to help the party camouflage better in crowds of zombies.  These abilities will help you strategically choose the best party members available.  When you’re finally thrown into a mission, the overhead camera gives you the best view of the playing field.  The camera is also fully controllable, and the iOS’ touch controls makes panning and rotating the camera a snap.

The main goal of the several missions is to kill each walker on the map.  There are a number of secondary objectives as well, which grants you special rewards among completion.  The game can be difficult as you get deeper into the game, trying to control multiple characters can be a headache at first, but with time, it can become a lot easier.  Scattered supply crates are littered across the maps, but they never give you an abundance of ammo, I was constantly running out.  Luckily, there are a number of melee weapons to wield as well.  Choosing between using guns or melee weapons is essential in your survival.  Guns are loud, and can attract nearby walkers, whereas melee weapons helps you take down zombies more quietly.  The game does a great job in making you feel anxious and cautious.  When the gameplay ramps up and you’re up against a horde or walkers, then the pounding music gets louder, the game really starts to shine.

The Walking Dead Assault is a great iOS game.  I would easily recommend this game to anyone looking for a good game for their iOS device.  Even if you’re not a Walking Dead game, its still worth a purchase.  If you’re a bleeding heart fan, then you need to pick this game up as soon as possible.

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