Top 5 Video Game Characters Of 2012

Welcome to another top 5 feature at Explosion. Today, let’s have a look back at 2012 and pick out some of the best characters to grace the gaming world. There are no holds barred here, as no strict criteria will be made for this list. Anything goes, so long as the characters became memorable. Here are the top 5 video game characters of 2012.

5) Wei Shen (Sleeping Dogs)


The undercover cop trying to bring down the Triad, Wei Shen was a memorable gaming character this year. Joining a host of other well crafted characters from the same game, Wei stands out as the protagonist looking to do good in a rotten city. A lot of what makes him memorable is told through the game’s story, but another aspect that makes him memorable is the fact that the game makes him look damn good during fight scenes. Sleeping Dogs has one of the most fluid combat gameplay in any game, and it all builds to promoting Wei as a great character.

4) Cpt. Martin Walker (Spec Ops: The Line)


As I mentioned earlier, this list isn’t comprised of heroic characters that are memorable because they’ve destroyed all enemies in their path. No, this list is for memorable characters we will likely not forget in years to come. For whatever reason. As such, cue the entrance of Cpt. Walker, protagonist in Spec Ops: The Line. The story is what mostly holds this character up, as the gameplay isn’t too exciting, but that’s just a testament to how good the story was. Cpt. Walker had to face himself and what he had become by the end of the game, and you could choose to have him continue his delusions, or take a step into recovery.

3) Robed Traveler (Journey)

JourneyPlayStation 3

Journey was one of the earlier games released in 2012, but come the end of the year, many still remembered the game fondly. You played as a nondescript robed traveler who traversed plains of sands in order to reach some arbitrary light at the top of a mountain. Why? Because that’s all there was. So you set forth in your journey, facing any and all trials and tribulations. Along the way you may run into other people, none of whom you could talk to, but you tried to co-operate as much as possible. Near the end, when hope seemed lost, you were helped by those that saw your struggles, and you reached your goal. Only to start over again. And again. One of the best things about Journey is seeing your character grow. Whether it being the simple scarf that elongates as you travel, or the maturity that sets in as you conduct your pilgrimage for the umpteenth time.

2) Corvo Attano (Dishonored)


Corvo Attano is doubly memorable as both the story and gameplay of Dishonored elevate Corvo as an awesome main character. His path of revenge on those who wronged him and the variety of ways he can achieve this all sets out Corvo and the game itself as a highly unique experience. Whether he relies on his own skilled combat abilities or is enticed by supernatural powers provided by someone else, Corvo carves his way into our memories. His abilities are so immense that they even shape the city of Dunwall. Now that is true power.

1) Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)


Ever since Far Cry 3 was first shown at E3 2011, two things stood out: the amazing graphics and Vaas. The graphics speak for themselves, but what about Vaas? As can be experienced in the final game build, Vaas is essentially a crazy and violent man. A deadly combination. What makes him more memorable, is that a character such as his isn’t entirely unlikely to exist. A great performance both in terms of dialogue and voice acting help propel Vaas as that person you would never want to meet, let alone cross. Even now, some gamers hope that Vaas may still be alive, perhaps ready to haunt in future games. That may never turn out to be the case, but, for similar reason as to why Kefka is such a memorable villain, so will Vaas be memorable for years to come.

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