Fun Activities To Do In Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 was one of 2012’s best games that came out very late in the year and surprised quite a few people. Part of its charm is the wide variety of activities one can undertake on the islands. Here we list out some of the most fun things one can do in the game.



One of Far Cry 3’s most addicting leisure activities is to go on hunting sprees. Whether they be to undertake specific hunting quests as shown on the map or whether you just want to go and hunt animals for a specific upgrade to your arsenal, hunting can be very fun. The hunting quests provide a stricter method of dealing with the wild animals, as you need to use the particular weapon stated in the mission in order to succeed. Randomly hunting on your own is much more fun. It feels more natural and you have to work much harder to gain the amount of loot you desire from the animals. The freedom of weapon choice is also a major bonus.



For some down time away from all the killing, Far Cry 3 offers one of the best poker games in a video game. It is a simple distraction that works very well. Getting a 4 of a kind or a flush is always exhilarating and sucking money away from your opponent equally as satisfying. The only regret I have, is that Ubisoft didn’t make the game playable online. Playing poker against the computer doesn’t pack the same punch as playing against real human opponents. It should be a simple enough process, just create a casino/bar where people can meet up online and allow them to play against each other. Being a turn-based game, poker shouldn’t really be effected by things like lag either.

Liberating Outposts


There are a total of 34 outposts located throughout the islands of Far Cry 3. That’s a lot of outposts to liberate from Rakyat enemies. Thankfully then that this side-activity is one the most enjoyable things to do in the game. It is 100% up to you how you prefer to tackle the outpost and mow down the enemies within. You can opt for a full stealthy approach or you can go guns a blazing. The best part about this side-activity is the level of planning and tactical positioning you undertake in order to best take down an outpost. Seeing your plans turn into fruition is a mightily satisfying treat. Even then, you can expect to be surprised on a number of occasions as wild animals randomly turn up to help you kill enemies. Even the Rakyat rebels might turn up and help gun the enemies down.



Easily one of the best methods of disposing of enemies in Far Cry 3 is to use stealthy takedowns. Whether during the main story missions, or during other side-activities in the game, there is always a sense of satisfaction at successfully performing a takedown. The game takes this further by allowing you to perform takedowns in many different fashions with varying methods of follow-up hits. My personal favourite is performing a takedown and then pulling the soldiers grenade pin and kicking him into his mates.

Hand Gliders And Wingsuits


The best way to travel across the islands of Far Cry 3 is undoubtedly by air. The two main methods of air travel are pretty unique to each other and terribly fun. Hand gliders are the more serene and laid back approach to air travel. The gliders are best suited for long distance travel and when you just want to get somewhere without a lot of hassle from potential interferences on the ground. Watching the land roll beneath you as you travel is pretty cool too. The wingsuit is designed more for a quick drop from say a radio tower or a ledge. You fall much faster with the wingsuit than with the hand glider, so you don’t travel far, but you do it much quicker than anything else. You can drop down anywhere you want too, as the parachute you open at the end of your fall easily takes you down to ground. Both methods are just so much fun to utilise.

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