Modern Kids Trying To Listen To Cassette Tape Is Hilarious

Today’s kids grow up with technology surrounding them and it comes as no surprise that there are tech-savvy toddlers around.

It makes us, the generations born in the 90’s and before, feel a bit inadequate or even  stupid when we can’t resolve a problem on our computer or smart phone which it’s child’s play for a pre-teen.

But, here is still hope for us, since kids today seem to be at a complete loss when it comes to dealing with less complicated pieces of technology, like for example, listening to a cassette tape.

The kids on this video found some old cassette tapes at their grandparents house and had no idea what they were. After they were told that they were used to listen to music, the kids were asked on opinions on how that was done.

Their answers and explanations will make you double over with laughter. Take a look.



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