Grandma Surprises Grandpa With Water Bottle Magic Trick

Elderly people are considered jagged when it comes to new and exiting things. We see them as men and women who’ve seen it all and now just want to lean back and relax in their old age. Little do we know that they enjoy having fun more than we realize.

The saying “You are never too old to learn new things” is actually more true than we realize, and in the case of Marietta Spencer Tyks from Indiana, and you are never too old to do childish pranks either.

Learning about the popular “coin in a water bottle magic trick” prank, she decided to try it out on her unsuspected husband and recording the whole thing..

The prank went as you would suspected, what you wouldn’t suspect is that the video vent viral.

The couple is just so sweet and youthful, it is not hard to see why a relationship like theirs is what the goal is for many of us. Just watch the adorable video and you’ll see what we mean.




At least grandpa is a good sport about the whole thing.

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