Top 10 Witches in Gaming

I’ve got 99 characters and a witch ain’t one! Actually, I lied. I only have ten and they’re ALL witches. But at any rate, welcome to our Halloween special feature!

Of course, not all wiccans are evil. Good or bad, scary or stylish, we’ve rounded up the greatest magical female heroines/villains in gaming. Let’s begin!

10: The Pumpkin Witch

First Appearance: MediEvil (1998)

Let’s kick off with one of the more bizarre characters on this list. The Medievil series is a great choice to play on Halloween, given that its themed entirely around Halloween traditions. Unlike everything else in the game that tries to kill you, though, The Pumpkin Witch is a kind and cheerful character.

Resembling a pumpkin herself and wielding a pumpkin staff, she requests help from protagonist Sir Dan, asking if he’ll teach the Pumpkin King a lesson for mistreating her beloved pumpkins. After defeating him, the Pumpkin Witch will kindly reward you with a dragon gem.

Her role in the series is minor, but her unusual design and Yorkshire accent make her hilarious. Oh and she’s a big fan of dragons, so that must count for something.

9: Yoriko Yasazumi

First Appearance: Arcana Heart (2006)

A recurring fighter throughout the Arcana Heart series, young Yoriko’s obsession with witchcraft led to a most unfortunate circumstance when performing a ritual one night with her friend Lilica (also a playable character). With the intention of summoning a demon servant, the pair instead awakened Mike the Demon King.

Mike is the skull-faced sceptre held by Yoriko in the image above, who has binded the poor girl in a contract that forbids her from parting with him. Stuck with Mike for presumably eternity, the demon forces her to partake in his regular mischief.

Interestingly, Yoriko does not like fighting. When playing as her, you’ll notice that Mike appears to deal out all of the damage as he drags the reluctant and squeamish Yoriko along. It’s a cool and amusing concept to have someone being forced to fight against their will, which differs from the norm of most fighting game characters.

8: Ashley

First Appearance: WarioWare: Touched! (2004)

Who’s the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
“You better learn my name ‘cause I am
Just remember this when you see her on the street:
“I’m the cruelest girl you’ll ever meet!”

That’s a verse from Ashley’s theme song, the little witch girl in the WarioWare series. With her little devil friend Red, who can transform into Ashley’s broom or wand, the pair are just adorable (but don’t tell her that… she also states “You might be the ingredient I seek!” in her song).

In Touched!, the duo chase after the poor alien Orbulon in order to use him as the final ingredient in their latest potion. In Smooth Moves, they’re up to mischief again as they cast a spell on a potted plant. If the player successfully completes her microgames, she will turn it into a giant venus flytrap, much Red’s dismay and Ashley’s delight.

7: Bianca

First Appearance: Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)

After defeating Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto, the scaly scallywag Spyro is faced with a new threat in third instalment Year of the Dragon. A mysterious hooded figure, leading a group of Rhynocs, has stolen the dragon eggs from Spyro’s home world.

Chasing her into the Forgotten Realms, Spyro confronts the new foe, revealing herself to be the Sorceress’ apprentice. Despite being a student, her magic is powerful, turning small creatures into behemoth beastly boss fights.

But how could such a cute rabbit girl be so evil? Actually, Bianca soon changes her tune when she learns that the Sorceress is planning to kill the baby dragons that she captured, using their wings to concoct a spell that will grant her immortality. She becomes Spyro’s ally and falls in love with his friend Hunter, teaming up with them to defeat the Sorceress.

6: Cackletta

First Appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)

In the first game of the fantastic Mario & Luigi series,. an evil witch in the BeanBean Kingdom, Cackletta, steals Princess Peach’s voice. Only one with a beautiful voice can activate the Beanstar, which Cackletta intends to use to grant her wish of conquering the entire kingdom.

The Bros. of course defeat her with ease, but she’s far from giving up. Her amusing mustard-loving minion, Fawful, absorbs her remains.

While Bowser took the back-seat for the main antagonist this time around, that doesn’t mean Mario and Luigi won’t be fighting him… or, more specifically, her. With the Koopa King lying unconscious, Cackletta’s spirit enters his body and uses it as her new vessel, forming the terrifying hybrid “Bowletta”. The plumbers thwart her once again, but not before she swallows them and pits them against her spirit form while inside Bowser’s body.

So with powerful magic, green skin, body theft and the torment of a kind Princess, Cackletta more than qualifies for a great evil witch – even if she did get defeated by a couple of plumbers.

5: Lillet Blan

First Appearance: GrimGrimoire (2007)

Lillet Blan is the playable heroine of GrimGrimoire, a late and largely overlooked PS2 game with beautiful art and compelling gameplay. She applies to a magical academy, the Tower of Silver Star, in order to become a great witch and thus provide for her poor family.

While she sounds a lot like a particular bespectacled wizard starring in a series of J.K. Rowling books, there is a unique story and gameplay element. After surpassing all of her lessons with ease, her fifth day at the school ends in chaos as she wakes to find every student and professor in the tower dead. Making her way back in time to the first day, she relives the five days in order to prevent the tragic event.

Smart, determined and courageous, Lillet is a great role mode witch heroines. Take that, Hermione.

4: Koume and Kotake

First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Here we are at the more traditional kind of witch that we’re all mostly accustomed to – the hideous hag type. With long pointy noses and bulging eyes, the devious duo Koume and Kotake are terrifying witches with the power of fire and ice respectively.

As with any elemental character, they each have a weakness, and in this case it happens to be each other. Using the handy Mirror Shield, Link reflects each witch’s attack onto the other. They are prepared for defeat though, and combine into one to create the witch without weakness, Twinrova.

But they’re not just another boss fight that Link overcomes in his path to save the world – they’re more important than that. They are in fact the surrogate mothers of the Zelda series’ most iconic villain, Ganondorf. It is these witches that raised the legendary Gerudo King, ultimately creating Link’s most powerful enemy.

In the parallel world of Majora’s Mask’s Termina though, Koume and Kotake are friendly characters, who will sell Link Blue Potion.

3: Lulu

First Appearance: Final Fantasy X (2001)

Yuna’s protective guardian Lulu sports a more modern-based witch appearance, with her black cleavage-revealing dress and many accessories. Her voodoo-style vibe is accompanied with some of that unique character design you’d expect in a Final Fantasy game, with an oddly-massive collection of interlaced belts covering her legs.

She’s comes off as cold and stern to the others, but underneath she has a kind and caring side. She is highly-skilled in the art of black magic, making her a valuable ally to Tidus in the group’s journey. Her spells are cast using various dolls of different Final Fantasy creatures, such as Moogles, Cactuars, and Cait Sith.

2: Gruntilda

First Appearance: Banjo-Kazooie (1998)

The main antagonist in the Banjo-Kazooie series, Gruntilda (or Grunty) kidnapped Banjo’s sweet young sister Tooty, in order to absorb all of her beauty. Thus began Banjo and Kazooie’s quest to save the innocent little bear, and the continued torment of their new nemesis. After choosing to live in a house right near the sinister witch’s cave that overlooks their dainty little home from atop a huge mountain though, what did they expect?

Despite her evil ways, Grunty ultimately makes for a highly comical character. Not only is her full name Gruntilda Winkybunion, everything she says is a rhyme and she is often the primary target of Kazooie’s mockery. After her supposed death at the end of the first game, nothing will stop her will for revenge as she is restored as a skeleton in Banjo-Tooie and a robot in Nuts ‘N Bolts.

She also has one of the greatest evil laughs in video game history, rivalling even that of Bowser’s when you died in Super Mario 64. A good cackle is imperative for a true sorceress – any wannabe witches this Halloween, take notes!

1: Bayonetta

First Appearance: Bayonetta (2009)

Dante had a good long run as the king of hack and slash games, but now he has some competition in the form of perhaps the most stylish, seductive and sovereign sorceress on this list.

Not reliant on traditional spells and magic, Bayonetta is very much a hands-on type of lass. She is extremely fast and overwhelmingly powerful in her melee attacks, mixing combat with gunplay with four pistols – two in her hands, and two more attached to each heel. Oh, and her skin-tight suit is comprised entirely out of her hair.

Of course, she still has a variety of magical trickery up her sleeve. She can slow down time, allowing her to deliver even more brutal hits; she can run on walls and ceilings; and she can use a Wicked Weave in order to summon huge demons to dispatch foes.

Calm in the face of every monstrous creation set on killing her and carefree in the carnage she creates, Bayonetta is very unique, witty and awesome main character of one of the finest action games this generation. It would be rude not to offer the number one spot to the classy lady.

Happy Halloween!

And with that, Happy Halloween everyone! Play safe and have fun, whatever festivities you get up to – perhaps enjoy some classic survival games, and maybe even treat yourself to some trickery fun with some of the witches above.

What did you think? Were there any important ones we missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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