Angry Birds Space

It was a warm and sunny day.  Little fat birds who look anything but angry are having a picnic when suddenly a beaked ice cube holding a golden egg comes flying through a wormhole with a Star-Trek-serious look on its face.  This thing crashes into the ground, the birds are all like “what..?” and one of them goes to see what’s up because the ice cube doesn’t look so hot (see what I did there?).  The thing is, this guy is all action and he is hell-bent on protecting the mysterious egg so he rushes over to check on it.  Suddenly, a pretty over-the-top version of The Claw from an arcade comes through the open wormhole which is too bad because it steals the egg with extra-terrestrial finesse.  The ice cube is pissed and somehow mounts itself onto a random slingshot and pursues the captor.  The picnic birds kind of watch this whole thing go down until they realize that their eggs are gone too.  Now they are angry and you guessed it, they chase these bastards into the wormhole via slingshot.  Since when has a mini-game had a genius plot?

Angry Birds Space is now available in all its casual glory.  The game is actually actually pretty interesting with the whole gravity thing playing into effect.  If crashing satellites and mounted slingshots on the surface of other planets/asteroids isn’t your cup of tea then I suggest you move on.  The moons hosting the random stacked debris have orbits that makes it harder or easier to hit targets.  So you can’t play this with the same destructive ambition as the other games.  Besides, breaking stuff is breaking stuff no matter how you do it right?  I was looking for some monoliths and reptilian pyramids to trash but I think it’s still too soon for the government to properly hint that they do exist.  What’s really neat here is how the levels are set up, you have planets that are way too close to each other and trees growing on rocky surfaces.  And I love negating the science of things.

The controls are as simple as they come.  Tablet users are having a grand time with their fancy sleek touch-screens and, oh wait, that’s just about everyone these days.  The game is for Mac and PC as well but the concept is the same, you touch, hold, drag back, aim and release.  Of course there is the trick where you touch your feathered projectile in mid flight to unleash bonuses that will surprise you.  The graphics are great and although the concept remains similar to previous releases, Angry Birds Space can still be dangerously addictive to the casual gamer.  It’s cheap fun too, at $0.99 it tops a whole lot of other games on the market that might not be worth the price.  There are enough levels to keep you busy during those long space missions too (proven by NASA astronaut and International Space Station flight engineer Don Pettit).  If they can fire balloons around the International Space Station to stay busy, there is no reason why you cant just sit down and play this game.

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