“My Mother Was Killed by a Muton Plasma” XCOM Developer Interview

It’s October and that means a few things, shorts go into the closest (apart from the hairiest among us) and Video Games hit store shelves. With the holiday blitzkrieg of gaming not even past Poland’s borders yet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on quality art.

If you own a PC and are over the age of 25- chances are you already have a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown but if this title leaves you with Metal Gear Solid style question marks above your head then you need to pick up this game.

Developed by Firaxis Games,  XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a throwback to the original XCOM series of games that dominated PC play in the mid 90’s. This time around XCOM is available on all platforms and puts players in control of a strategic military base with 1st person action and so much more.

Don’t take my word for it! I spoke to Garth DeAngelis for the “Video Game Sophistry” Radio Show about the game and why you should pick it up. Below is the Full Extended Interview never before seen!

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